Before You Buy A Home in Silicon Valley

Before You Buy A Home in Silicon Valley

I can't tell you how many properties I've sold to buyers who've visited the home only a handful of times. Mostly, we walk though looking at rooms, investigating crawlspaces, eyeing backyards and pouring over Disclosures.

I've only had a handful of buyers take the time to sit down in a living room or kitchen and think about how it might feel to inhabit that space. About how the light looks. About the neighborhood sounds they hear.

You'll be spending many an afternoon in that spot if you do buy the home. It's important to make sure the vibe, as they say, is right--to really consider how it feels to be in that home.

For most of us, a residential property isn't just our largest investment, it's also our home. The physical experience of being in that space will most likely frame the bulk of the days you spend there.

Make sure its truly a good fit before jumping...

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