Emotionalism + Silicon Valley Real Estate

Emotionalism + Silicon Valley Real Estate


The other day someone asked me if being a realtor changed the way I see life. I thought about it for a hot second before answering.

My answer: Most definitely.

Over and over I am taken aback by two things that I see with both buyers and sellers here in the Bay Area.

First, people are imprisoned by their stuff. Chances are, you don't need half of the things you own. Develop a habit of culling unnecessary belongings on a regular basis.

Second, real estate as a whole is governed by rampant emotionalism. Even here in the Bay area where many are involved in the tech and biotech spheres and like to think of themselves as analytical and logical thinkers, I run into buyers and sellers who make many of their decisions based on how they feel--about a given property, about elements of the transaction, about the market, about the decision to buy or sell at all.

They then use data to backup what they already want to do anyway.

It is almost impossible to stop yourself from reacting emotionally--especially if you're not even aware of the subtle ways emotionalism can color your decision-making, but you can set parameters for yourself at the outset that help guardrail that emotionalism. 

It is worth thinking about at any rate.


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